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OfficeDesigner, 2nd place Quest3D Awards 2008

As the name of this software suggests, it allows the user to create offices.
The program starts with an empty office floor and using standard tools and components the user can design an entire office from scratch in minutes.
It includes a very clever instancing system that allows the user to build a
section of the office and then 'paint' duplicates of this template. The library contains furniture, walls and decoration. With a single click the user can
switch from a map view into a first person 3D view which gives an instant impression of what the design looks like from the perspective of the people
that might one day actually work in the office. The application is very
compact and contains a wide set of user friendly features that turn
designing offices into childsplay. Grid snap, saving, loading and camera
control all work very well. Because of the good execution of this project and usefulness the jury decided to give this entry the second place.
Without a doubt this application shows how 3D tools can make difficult
tasks easy and we have nou doubt the idea behind this application can
be applied in thousands of other areas. - Act3D, 2008